[New] SAFAR V3 has been released.
[New] This project is open to your contributions. Everyone can contribute in its development.

SAFAR is a platform dedicated to ANLP (Arabic Natural Language Processing). It is open source, cross-platform, modular, and provides an integrated development environment (IDE). It includes :
» Resources needed for different treatments ANLP
» Basic levels modules of language, especially those of the Arabic language, namely morphology, syntax and semantics
» Applications for the ANLP

NB: All integrated tools and resources remain under the copyright of their original authors. More details.


General architecture of SAFAR 

Each layer is developed as a set of reusable Java API:
» Tools: includes a range of technical services (statistical functions, test tools, tokenization, sentences splitting etc.)
» Resource Services: Provides resources language consultation such as lexicons and corpora.
» NLP services: Contains three layers of processing language Regular (morphology, syntax and semantics)
» Applications: Contains high-level applications that use layers listed above.
» Client: In case the user needs to directly use services layer.

SAFAR V3 features

The services currently provided by SAFAR V3 and which are ready to be used are:

Modern standard arabic
	Applications :
	   Key Words Extractor  [New]
	   Light Summarizer
	   Moajam Moaassir (MSA lexicon Desktop browser)
	   Moajam Tafaoli (Al wassit lexicon Desktop browser)
	   Morpho-Syntactic Processor
	   Stem Counter
	   Stopwords Analyzer  [New]
	Syntactic parsers :
	   FARASA Pos Tagger  [New]
	   SAFAR Light Pos Tagger  [New]
	   Stanford Parser
	   FARASA Parser  [New]
	Morphological analyzers :
	   Alkhalil Morphological Analyzer
	   Alkhalil 2 Morphological Analyzer  [New]
	   BAMA Morphological Analayzer
	   MADAMIRA Morphological Analayzer
	Stemmers :
	   ISRI Stemmer
	   Khoja Stemmer
	   Light10 Stemmer
	   Motaz Stemmer
	   SAFAR Stemmer  [New]
	   Tashaphyne Stemmer
	Lemmatizers :
	   Alkhalil Lemmatizer  [New]
	   FARASA Lemmatizer  [New]
	   SAFAR Lemmatizer  [New]
	Utils :
	   Benchmark for Morphological Analyzers
	   Benchmark for Stemmers  [New]
	   Benchmark for Syntactic Parsers  [New]
	   Pattern Detection  [New]
	   Sentence splitter
	   Stop Words  [New]
	   Particles lexicon
	   Al wassit dictionary
	   CALEM (stems/lemmas) lexicon  [New]
	   Contemporary dictionary
Machine Learning:
	   SAFAR Hidden Markov Model  [New]
	   SAFAR Levenshtein distance  [New]
	   Weka Lib
	   FT Lib
Moroccan Arabic
	   Maded lexicon  [New]
	   Moralex lexicon  [New]

The following module is removed:
	Sentence Processor
	Ontology (AWN and extended AWN)