Teaching Courses

List of taught courses since 1996

  1. Artificial Intelligence  
  2. Object Oriented Programming – Java
  3. Data structures using Java
  4. Programming (Java, C, Fortran)
  5. Web Technology (http, html, css, scripts)
  6. Web development (JEE, servlets, jsp, ejb, jsf)
  7. Human Computer Interface
  8. Data bases

Teaching Materials

  • I wrote a textbook, “Java par l’exemple – Concepts, applications en Java, interfaces”, as a french edition textbook for the java programming course
  • Algorithmics and Java programming courses are available as online courses from the elearning center of Mohammed Vth university
  • The Algorithmics course videos are also available at my youtube channel 
  • Most of the courses have free material available as slides